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My family and I love history and especially US history and so with my daughter now almost 8 years old we have made it a regular practice to study early American History and to visit National historic sites and parks whenever we can.

As a Christian I find it impossible to study our nation’s history without seeing the hand of God all along the way.  From the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to early interactions between Native Americans and the first European pilgrims and settlers to development of the beliefs and values that would shape our desire for independence and form the basis for the constitution that still stands today – God has indeed providentially built and blessed this nation.

Of course, the core principles guiding this nation have always been liberty and justice for all.  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the rights and equality of man.  The First nation ever to exist without a king or a pope God has truly blessed beyond measure.

But what happens when the country begins to reject the values that stand at its foundation?  What happens when truth and liberty are exchanged for corruption and control?  Could the freedoms we have taken for granted as a nation now be at risk?  Could we be returning to the very thing we rejected when this nation was created and does Bible prophecy have anything to say about it?

In this episode I was privileged to interview Pastor Shawn Boonstra. For those of you who don’t know, Shawnhas been serving the church in various capacities for almost 30 years and currently is the Speaker and Director of Voice Of Prophecy – A Radio program and evangelistic ministry that reaches millions of people every year with the gospel.  Shawn is also a sought-after speaker and often can be found organizing local evangelistic events in cities around the world.

I got a chance to meet Shawn in person earlier this year at a Conference his ministry sponsored and have always been inspired by his thoughtful, down-to-earth approach to making Bible Prophecy relevant and accessible. I hope you are inspired by my conversation with him as much as I was.