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It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that online media is taking over our lives. Many of us today view our smartphone as an extension of our brain that we cannot live without. We eat with it, sleep with it and take it with us everywhere we go – we are more connected than ever – or are we?

Could the digital connection actually be a counterfeit for the real human, face-to-face interactions we were actually created for? Could there be unintended consequences to the technical revolution that we were unprepared for as we embraced it? Are we now living in the midst of a collective media addiction that is reshaping our society, our churches, and even our families into something unrecognizable to previous generations?

And if so what do we do about?

In this episode I had the privilege to interview beltoftruthministries.org director Scott Ritsema about how media is directly affecting our mental, emotional, and physical health as a society and particularly those who self-identify as Christians. We especially talk about how media is affecting the upbringing of an entire generation of young people who have lived their entire lives with screens in their faces everywhere they go.

For those of you who don’t know, Scott Ritsema is an educator, writer, and speaker with a passion for present truth. Scott recently left the teaching profession to pursue full-time ministry; he currently presents seminar material to churches and other gatherings on topics such as media, parenting, education, and sexuality.

His seminars have been featured at a number of GYC and ASI conventions, as well as satellite TV and radio – both inside and outside the church.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did

I caught up with him as he was preparing to come visit my church in Daytona Beach for a weekend seminar.