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I don’t know about you, but the church I want to belong to never quite measures up to the church I am actually apart of. The truth is, we don’t often have to look hard to find something to criticize when it comes to God’s professed people. Historically, when the church has been in power it has behaved in a way that shares little in common to the man the Jesus they claim to follow. Right motives can easily be manipulated into wrong actions when an “End justifies the means” philosophical ethic rules the day.

Now more than ever – Christians and non-Christians alike should be distrustful of power and any man or woman seeking it for their own glory. It has been said that one’s ambition for power automatically disqualifies him from the office that he seeks. If that were true in the past it is doubly true today. It is only by the grace of God, that the political and financial house of cards we have living in since the internet age hasn’t crumbled to the floor already.

Therefore, why in light of all this should we trust a man-made religious organization. Would it surprise you to know that God never asked us to? Would it also surprise you to know he never meant the clergy alone to be ministers, but that all members were stand equally before one another and God alike? In fact, the Bible is clear in James that God considers partiality a sin. So, then if it is a sin with us it would also be a sin with God as well. God is no respecter of persons, but he is a respecter of those who consecrate themselves to him. He does respect those who answer his call and come boldly to the throne of grace for mercy in their time of need.

God never meant us to put our trust in another man. That is why he gave us the Bible and if men and women would read their Bible in faith – believing that God was their interpreter – they would discover for themselves the true identifying marks of the remnant church and it wouldn’t be hard at all. Yet, if this is true, then why do people have such a hard time with the concept of a true church or remnant church? And in what ways could a revival in remnant identity bring unity to the church today and ultimately help us to Be Ready for Jesus?

To answer these questions and more I invited Jared Thurman, a man of many talents: Pastor, businessman, and entrepreneur on the podcast today to discuss his own spiritual journey with remnant theology and what he has done to speak up for a reality check to the churches repeated tendency to pat itself on the back and say to the world what a great job it has done helping it.