In this episode Travis is joined by performance coach, author, and speaker Dr. Dick Tibbits to discuss practical and holistic insights from his groundbreaking book “Forgive to Live.”Not only do they discuss ‘how to forgive,’ but they also address the ‘why,’ especially for those looking forward to the soon coming of Jesus. Dick also shares some of his own story that will surely relate and give hope to those who have battled with unresolved resentment, bitterness, and anger in their own life.

Dr. Tibbits has conducted original research on forgiveness and heart disease which he presented at The National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, The Mayo Clinic, Duke University, Loma Linda University, and Stanford University. He has also conducted research on stress management using principles from his work with those who must perform in extreme stress situations.
Over the course of his career, he has served as a pastor, pastoral educator and clinical counselor at Kettering Medical Center, Chief People Officer at Florida Hospital Orlando, COO of Loma Linda University Medical Center, and COO/CEO of Florida Hospital Tampa.
He lives in Florida with his wife, Arta.…s/forgive-live

Adventology · A53 How Forgiveness Can Change the Story of Your Life with Dick Tibbits