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I have to admit, most of my ideas about last days events up to this point in my life have not involved a pandemic virus. Who knew something like this was even possible? Schools, churches, restaurants, and many other businesses are now closed indefinitely. International borders have closed, college and professional sports leagues have canceled all their games, some states have postponed elections, and toilet paper and hand-sanitizer have suddenly become rarer than gold.

But more than the economic implications, more than the inconvenience of changing the way live and interact with one another, is ominous fear that many have about not knowing how this virus is going to permanently change life on our planet.

Will it bring us together or tear us a part?

Will we find a cure or will we be seeing a massive overload on our healthcare system for the foreseeable future?

And over and above all of it is the question of all questions. Where is God in all this? Is it a sign of his displeasure? Did he cause it to happen? Or is it simply a sign or a fence post pointing us in the direction of his soon coming?

To answer those questions and more I had the privilege to interview veteran evangelist Jason Morgan – who has been teaching and preaching about Bible prophecy and last day events almost 20 years now. Currently he is serving as an associate speaker for It Is Written – a world-wide media ministry focused on sharing the everlasting gospel.

I got to know Jason a couple of years ago after he preached a prophecy seminar at my church in Daytona Beach and I was excited about the opportunity to bring him back on episode 36.

I started by asking him how he is personally processing the effects the coronavirus is having on our society.

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