ad·vent·ol·o·gy |ˈadˌventäləjē|


The study of the second coming of Jesus 

We believe Jesus is coming soon! Yet fewer and fewer people are willing to step foot in a church for the first time and listen to this compelling message. Digital evangelism is a way to reach the unreachable.  

What if we could create an engaging evangelistic seminar and fit it into bite size pieces you could listen to on your commute to work or lunch break? What if every episode covered an important biblical truth and effectively connected it back to being ready for Jesus’ soon return? What if the episodes were supplemented by engaging blog posts and Bible study guides that further developed the truths introduced in the episodes?

Would that be something you could get excited about?

That is the vision behind Adventology

We are a ministry dedicated to preparing you and the people you love for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, and we want to connect with you.  There are several different ways we can do that.


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