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The Antichrist In Me

What is the true essence of antichrist and why should we care about it? Podcast Transcript: Click HERE to listen When you hear the word “Antichrist” what comes to mind? Depending upon our background we may have conjured up quit a variety of religious and political...

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Overcoming Addiction with Richie Halversen

In this episode Travis interviews pastor Richie Halversen as he tells his remarkable story of overcoming a prescription opioid addiction through a 12-Step Recovery Program and how the lessons he learned can help us all. To listen to the full episode click HERE I live...

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To Follow Or Not To Follow

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus and should Christians be expected to follow his example in all things? Podcast Transcript. To listen click HERE now If you had to define the essence of Christianity to someone who knew nothing about it, how would you do it?...

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How to Be Ready for Jesus with John Bradshaw

In this episode Travis interviews It Is Written speaker and director John Bradshaw concerning his views on current world events in light of what the Bible teaches about the second coming of Jesus. To listen to the full episode click HERE now. Have you ever stopped in...

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Exploring the False Dichotomy Between Law & Grace

What role does law and grace play in the life of the Christian and what is their relationship to the character of God?  We answer those questions and more in our latest episode. Podcast Transcript.  To listen to the audio version click HERE Have you ever listened to a...

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Travis Walker is the founder of Adventology and is currently the pastor of the Daytona Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church.  His one passion is sharing the everlasting gospel of Jesus with whomever will listen.



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